Course Aquatic Eutrophication

The Technical University of Denmark has develop a Short course on LC-impact modeling for aquatic Eutrophication in LCIA.


A participant who follows this course will be able to:

  • Understand the new methods developed in LC-IMPACT for freshwater and marine eutrophication

  • Understand the indicators development and apply the methodology


This course is developed or Students (BSc, MSc, PhD) and professionals, either method developers or practitioners and  interested in characterization and impact assessment (LCIA).


Course outline


The course is designed in 3 blocks of 45 minutes


I. Module 1: Introduction (45 min)


II. Module 2 : Spatially-explicit Characterization factors for freshwater eutrophication on a global scale (45 min)

  • Introduction to freshwater eutrophication modelling

  • Currently recommended method

  • Proposed method by LC-IMPACT

  • Main differences between currently and proposed method

  • Download module (pdf)


III. Endpoint modeling of Marine Eutrophication (45 min)